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THE Ape Bot [TAB] Scanner

will provide a safe community bot that will automatically scan and detect Top cryptocurrency celebrity tweets and match it with similar named contracts that have been deployed. It will then scan the contract for safety parameters.


THE Ape Deployer [TAD]

will deploy & drop safe contract addresses based off certain words from top cryptocurrency celebrities and popular accounts making it safe for investment in the DeFi space.


THE ApeCubator [TAC]

The Launchpad Platform is another functionality of the $TA platform to grow the DeFi space. $TA will be incubating meme projects that want to launch their own projects and partner with Crypto Influencers or Celebrities. As developers ourselves, we know that it is not a simple task to start a project with zero knowledge. That is why $TA will extend our reach to incubate aspiring founders to launch their project safely and smoothly with our vast experience and network. Holders with a certain amount of holdings of $TA will be whitelisted for exclusive early entry and will in turn be the floor to hold well for the project. This is a WIN WIN situation for all.

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